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Irina - Loredana Stănculescu, the General Consul of Romania in Chernovtsy, is a lawyer as profession. She is a PhD candidate in Bucharest at the Academy of Economic Studies, specialty "Law" with the title "Fundamentals of Liability and Legal Responsibilities” and a graduate PhD student at the Institute of Legal Research, doctoral and post-doctoral studies within the project" Orizont 2020: Promoting the national interest by excellence, competitiveness and responsibility in the fundamental and applied Romanian scientific research" with a certificate for participation issued by the Institute of World Economy.


She has graduated postuniversitaries studies at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law, the specialization in Constitutional and Political Institutions, as well as at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies specialization - Special Contracts of International Commerce. She has published numerous articles, studies in law and legislation, in specialized journals in the country and abroad.


During her professional career she has carried out a variety of management and leadership activities within Petrom SA, as well as in several Law Firms in Bucharest. She has performed as a Trainer within the Lawyers Training Program at the National Institute for lawyers training and improvement,  as a Mediator within the Romanian Mediation Council. She has obtained several Internal Auditor Certificates in the field of internal legislation in Romania, as well as in the European legislation.

She holds both a rich activity but also experience in the field of legislative harmonization with the European law in Romania, which is an advantage in the diplomatic activity, given the European option of Ukraine.

Prior to embarking on his diplomatic career, she became prominent in law.

Also, the managerial activity she has carried out in Romania will serve as a basis for the leadership and coordination of the Consulate General of Romania at Chernovtsy, as well as for the organization and implementation of the cross-border cooperation programs between Romania and Ukraine.

Moreover, her experience in the economic field will be an advantage in terms of an important part of the diplomatic activity, namely the promotion and development of the economic relations between Romania and Ukraine, between the Ukrainian regions in the consular district of the Consulate General of Romania in Chernovtsy and administrative-territorial units in Romania.

Her previous preparation and activity recommend her to coordinate and diversify the range of public and cultural diplomacy actions, another range of diplomatic activity.

Since her arrival on this space, Irina Loredana Stănculescu has participated in numerous cultural, artistic and public diplomacy actions, being present at all the important actions organized at the level of the Romanian associative environment in the Chernovtsy region, which proves the respect shown by the face by the ethnic Romanian community in northern Bukovina.

Also, the new general consul of Romania in Chernovtsy took part in several conferences and seminars organized in the academic environment of our region. Our informal talks with the Romanian diplomat revealed his desire to continue and develop the good political and diplomatic relations between Romania and Ukraine.

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  • La 11 ianuarie 2019, la Ministerul Afacerilor Externe al Ucrainei, Roman Nedilski, director general adjunct al Departamentului Consular, a înmânat noului consul general al României la Cernăuți, doamna Irina Loredana Stănculescu, exequaturul pentru exercitarea mandatului său. Circumscripția consulară a CONSULATUL GENERAL AL ROMÂNIEI LA CERNĂUȚI cuprinde regiunile Cernăuți, Vinița, Ivano-Frankivsk și Lviv. Diplomatul ucrainean a urat succes doamnei Irina Loredana Stănculescu în exercitarea mandatului său, consulul general al României,asigurând de întreaga disponibilitate pentru consolidarea relațiilor bilaterale dintre cele două țări. 11 січня 2019 р., у Міністерстві закордонних справ України, Роман Недільський, заступник генерального директора Департамента консульської служби, вручив новому генеральному консулу Румунії в Чернівцях, пані Ірина Лоредана Стенкулеску, екзекватуру для виконання її мандату. Консульський округ Генерального консула Румунії в Чернівцях включає Чернівецьку, Вінницьку, Івано-Франківську та Львівську області. Український дипломат побажав пані Ірині Лоредані Стенкулеску успіху у виконанні свого мандату, а генеральний консул Румунії, у свою чергу, запевнив про її повну відкритість зміцнювати двосторонні відносини між двома країнами.